1. More Portraits for IT’S ON US.  

    Joel McHale from NBC’s Community and The Soup.  

  2. I was honored to be asked to take portraits for ITS ON US, a social initiative to prevent sexual assault. 


  3. Here is an outtake from my new portrait series Organ Grinder in which I documented some of Mexico City’s last remaining Organilleros.  

  4. Scenes for A Dream Turns Sour, a concert performance of World War One poetry at the Battersea Arts Center in London.  

  5. What an honor to be in London at the Battersea Arts Center, a WW1 recruitment hall, on the exact date 100 years after the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria.  Working with  the Tiger Lillies on an amazing show of World War One poetry.  

  6. Here are some recently completed ads for Jack Links Beef Jerky. 

  7. On set at Siren Studios in sunny  LA for the Jack Link beef jerky shoot with the Carmichael Lynch agency.  We had these really amazing animatronic  animal heads that we attached to the talent to make some very funny ads.      



  10. Rime of the Ancient Mariner hits Bergen Norway this weekend. 


  11. LANDSCAPES: Saint Louis Missouri   

  12. 1800 in Magazines.

  13. Beach Scout 

  14. More 1800 Billboards in Mexico City.  

  15. Mekanism wins a webby.  I was happy to help create the images for this now award winning site.