1. In-store, the science of soft is taking over stores in NYC. 

  2. Its always nice to see the ads out in the world.  Marina Del Rey.  

  5. Three sold out shows at the Adelaide Festival and lunch at the Governors Mansion,  all around great day.  

  6. Next stop Adelaide Australia for 3 nights at the Adelaide Festival.


  7. After a long flight to New Zealand arrived at the stunning St James theater for a lecture, then to the Governor Generals Mansion for an artists reception and back the the theater for the second sold out night or Rime of the Ancient Mariner at the New Zealand Arts Festival.  

  8. End of Last year I shot the  New Balance Fresh Foam running shoes for Arnold World Wide, they are out in the wild now, keep an eye out. 

  11. The reviews keep rolling in, Lulu is a hit!

    “ Pretty stunning new piece of ballad theatre” - The Times

    "Vilely beautiful, chillingly mesmerizing" - The Independent

    "kill for a ticket"- Yorkshire Post 

    "I was left wanting to see it again" - Whats on Stage

    "A unique piece of theatre and a searingly affecting story, extraordinarily well told." - The Yorkshire Post

    "A masterpiece." - Vibrations

     ”It makes you as uncomfortable as hell, but you never turn your fascinated gaze away.” - The Gaurdian

  12. "It’s that sort of night, with the trio making Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds look like a bunch of choirboys."

    The Leeds List

  13. The premier of our new show went great last night, so nice to finally get this in front of an audience, as always the band stunned the audience into silence. Sold out run for the next few nights.  Show is moving to Manchester, Warwick in the coming weeks.  

    photos by Tom Arber

  14. I was supposed to keep the lighting and video of this show simple,  Opps!

  15. Tonight is the Premier of Lulu, after 8 days in the Yorkshire Playhouse we are all really excited to let people see the show.